Message from Immediate-past Chairman


Dear valued colleague,

Thank you for supporting AsAES 2020, Melbourne!

Despite of the sequential difficulties, big bushfires and Covid-19 epidemics, the 17th Congress of the Asian Association of Endocrine Surgeons was held as planed from March 5 to 7, 2020 at Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne, Australia led by Congress President Julie Miller with the cooperation of the Local Organizing Committee members. They did really excellent work preparing and running the Congress. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the delegates from China, Korea Singapore, and most from Taiwan and Japan, as well as a proportion of delegates from other countries were not able to join the Congress. For those who could not come to Melbourne, the LOC arranged webcasting the congress presentations on the website. In spite of these limitations, with more than 300 attendants, the Congress was very active and the quality of the presentations was very high. Julie Miller worked very hard and succeeded in inviting world famous endocrine surgeons from the outside of our area, six from the USA, one each from Canada and Spain. She also invited 24 guest speakers from the Asia and Oceania area.

At the council meeting held on March 5, Prof. Takahiro Okamoto at Tokyo Women’s Medical Collage, Japan, was elected for the next Congress President by voting. Thus, the 18th Congress will be held in Tokyo in 2022. I have served as Chairman for two term periods for 8 years. Prof. Hisham Abdullah, Malaysia, was nominated as the next Chairman, which was approved unanimously. The results of the Fujimoto Prize competition for best free papers were: Dr. Kmm Vishvak Chanthar from India won the first prize, Dr. Alexander Papachristos from Australia won the second prize, and Mr. Yi Jhih Tsai form Taiwan won the third prize. These three winners and four travel-grant recipients from the lower and middle-income countries were awarded at Gala Dinner.

Here I summarize and report that the Congress 2020 was very successful much better than I expected considering the specific situation. I really appreciate all attendants for making the Congress very fruitful, expanding our knowledge in the field of endocrine surgery, and deepening the friendship among endocrine surgeons. I hope to see you all again in Tokyo in 2022.

With the warmest regards,

Akira Miyauchi,
Immediate-past Chairman


At the closing ceremony, Prof. Sugitani received the symbol flag of the AsAES and Presidential medal as deputy for the new Congress President Takahiro Okamoto. Secretary Treasurer Imi Sairi Ab Hadi received Chairman medal as deputy for the new Chairman Hisham Abdullah. Congress President 2020 Julie Miller. Immediate-past Chairman Akira Miyauchi. From the left.

Guest speakers and invited speakers on the north bank of Yarra River, Melbourne, Australia.